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Title : Dr.
First Name : SARA
Last Name : CANATO
University/Institution : Institute for Innovation and Health Research (i3S) and Gulbenkian Institute of Science (IGC)
Email ID : scanato@ipatimup.pt
City : Porto
Country : Portugal
State : Porto
Zipcode : 4200-135
Company Name :
Area of Research
Cancer Biology
Area of Expertise
Cellular and molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Systems Biology
Brief Description of Research Interest :

I am particularly interested in the identification of chaotic regulatory mechanisms to find novel biomarkers and new therapeutic targets with the ultimate goal to modulate disease. Currently I am deciphering the molecular mechanisms underlying Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition as a cell plasticity program involved in cancer progression.

Representative Publications :

· SelvaggioG* & Canato S*.,Pawar A., Monteiro P., Brás M., Janody F. and Chaouiya C. Assessingmicroenvironment control of hybrid epithelial-mesenchymal phenotypes.Resubmission to Cancer Research after revision. (2020). [*Shared firstauthorship]. 

·  Santos JD* & Canato S*, Carvalho AS, Botelho HM, Kerman A, Amaral MD, Matthiesen R, Falcao AO, Farinha CM (2019).Folding status is determinant overtraffic-competence in defining CFTR interactors in the endoplasmic reticulum. Cells, 8, 353.[*Shared first authorship].

· Canato S, Santos JD, Carvalho AS, Aloria K, Amaral MD, Matthiesen R,Falcao AO, Farinha CM (2018). Proteomicinteraction profiling reveals KIFC1 as involved in early targeting of F508del-CFTR to degradation. Cell Mol Life Sci., 75(24):4495-4509.

·  Farinha CM, Sousa M, Canato S,Schmidt A, Uliyakina I, Amaral MD. Increased efficacy of VX-809 in different cellular systems results froman early stabilization effect of F508del-CFTR (2015). Pharmacology Research& Perspectives, 3(4):e00152.

·  Farinha CM* & CanatoS*. From the endoplasmic reticulum to the plasma membrane: mechanisms of CFTR folding and trafficking (2016). Cell Mol Life Sci., 74(1):39-55.[*Shared first authorship].