JoLS, Journal of Life Sciences, is an Open Access, international peer-reviewed journal that publishes on an ongoing basis a variety of articles in the field of life sciences including, but not limited to, Cell Biology, Ecology, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Physiology, Systems Biology, etc.

JoLS accepts original research papers, reviews, perspectives, commentaries, progress articles, methodologies and research highlights, which go through a rigorous peer-review process with a turn-around time of 5-6 weeks. 

JoLS is a Postdoc community initiative, the first of its kind to be entirely run by Post-Doctoral research scientists from universities and research institutes across the world. The operational team - two editor-in-chiefs, Managing Editor, a number of contributing editors/editors, communications director, social media directors - senior and seasoned post-doctoral scientists with excellent publication and research experience came together to build a unique and independent platform to support and further the Post-doctoral experience in Life Sciences. In addition to publishing high-quality articles, the journal offers rich learning opportunities to fresh Post-doctoral trainees, promising graduate and undergraduate students to participate and train in scientific writing, peer-reviewing, editing and building a compelling scientific resume.

In order to celebrate accomplishments of post-doctoral trainees,graduate and undergraduate students JoLS will recognize these excellent scientists on a monthly basis. So, please send us your applications, self-nominated or endorsed by your mentors/research colleagues, to EIC@JournalOfLifeSciences.Org and help us recognize talented scientists.

Last, but not the least, JoLS has a dedicated segment on Principal Investigators and Mentors to commemorate their role and contribution in building the career and scientific acumen of Post-doctoral trainees. We publish highly popular Mentor-Postdoc Spotlights, MPS, to highlight the career and scientific success of a mentor. MPS is JoLS' way of recognizing postdoc mentors' efforts in training the next generation leaders in research and academia.

So, please join us in learning and celebrating Science!

Please contact the Editor-in-Chief, EIC@JournalOfLifeSciences.Org, with your ideas, suggestions and willingness to participate for networking and professional growth.

Advertising Policy: JoLS follows ICMJE recommendations on all advertisements. At best, we restrict ourselves to advertising faculty and postdoc openings at various institutions.

Data sharing policy: JoLS is committed to following ICMJE recommendations on data sharing.