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Title : Dr.
First Name : ROSA MARIA
University/Institution : Wayne State University
Email ID : ferraiur@karmanos.org
City : Detroit
Country : United States
State : Michigan
Zipcode : 48201
Department : Oncology
Company Name :
Area of Research
Breast Cancer
Area of Expertise
Molecular biology, cell cycle, and cancer
Brief Description of Research Interest :
As a breast cancer researcher, one of my main areas of interest is cell cycle regulation and effects on the development and progression of cancer. My molecular biology background has promoted my interest in determining how cells can override various cell cycle inhibitors as well as therapeutics. I have a large interest in signaling pathways and how these pathways can be inhibited if upregulated or activated if downregulated, in cancer; whether through genetically modifying proteins or through novel drug therapeutics. 
Representative Publications :
Ferraiuolo, RM., Meister, D., Leckie, D., Dashti, M., Franke, J., Porter, LA., and Trant, J.(2019). Neuro and hepatic toxicological profile of (S)-2,4-diaminobutanoic acid in embryonic, adolescent, and adult zebrafish. Journal of Applied Toxicology. (accepted 06/17/2019; JAT-19-0177).

Bakht, MK., Derecichei, I., Li, Y., Ferraiuolo, RM, Dunning, M., Oh, SW., Hussein, A, Youn, H., Stringer, KF., Jeong, CW., Cheon, GJ., Kwak, C., Kang, KW., Lamb, AD., Wang, Y., Dong, X., Porter, LA. (2018). Neuroendocrine differentiation of prostate adenocarcinoma correlates with suppression of PSMA as a target for nuclear imaging and therapy. Endocrine-Related Cancer, 26:2.

Ferraiuolo, RM., Tubman, J., Sinha, I., Hamm, C., and Porter, LA. (2017). The cyclin-like protein, Spy1, regulates the ER-alpha and ERK1/2 pathways promoting tamoxifen resistance. Oncotarget. 8(14):23337-52.

Al Sorkhy, M.*, Ferraiuolo, RM.*, Jalili, E., Malysa, A., Fratiloiu, AR., Sloane, B., and Porter, LA. (2012). The cyclin-like protein Spy1/RINGO promotes mammary transformation and is elevated in human breast cancer. BMC Cancer. 12:45.