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Title : Dr.
First Name : VINEET
Last Name : ARORA
University/Institution : Scripps Research, Florida
Phone # : 5613600572
Email ID : varora@scripps.edu
City : Jupiter
Country : United States
State : Florida
Zipcode : 33458
Department : Neuroscience
Company Name :
Area of Research
Neuropsychiatric disorders
Area of Expertise
Brief Description of Research Interest :
I am interested in the system level mechanisms in the sensory areas controlling altered discriminative touch behaviors and other sensory deficits in different mouse models of Autism spectral disorders. I want to understand how do major Neurodevelopmental disorder (Autism/ intellectual disability) risk genes impact sensory processing/function? And How do alterations in sensory function contribute to major outcomes seen in Neurodevelopmental disorders, such as behavioral abnormalities and cognitive impairment?

Representative Publications :
SYNGAP1 Controls the Maturation of Dendrites, Synaptic Function, and Network Activity in Developing Human Neurons. Journal of Neuroscience 4 September 2020, JN-RM-1367-20; DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1367-20.2020
Nerea Llamosas, Vineet Arora, Ridhima Vij, Murat Kilinc, Lukasz Bijoch, Camilo Rojas, Adrian Reich, Banu Priya Sridharan, Erik Willems, David R. Piper, Louis Scampavia, Timothy P. Spicer, Courtney A. Miller, J. Lloyd Holder, Gavin Rumbaugh

Increased Grik4 Gene Dosage Causes Imbalanced Circuit Output and Human Disease-Related Behaviors. Cell Reports, Volume 23, Issue 13, 3827 – 3838 
Arora V., Pecoraro V., Aller M., Román C., Paternain A., Lerma J. (June 2018)

A novel mutation in LRSAM1 causes axonal Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease with dominant inheritance. BMC Neurology, 14, 118.

Engeholm, M., Sekler, J., Schöndorf, D. C., Arora, V., Schittenhelm, J., Biskup, Gasser, T. (June2014).
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