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Title : Dr.
First Name : JESSICA
Last Name : PEREGO
University/Institution : HSR
Email ID : jessy.perego@gmail.com
City : Milan
Country : Italy
State : Italy
Zipcode : 20132
Department : Immunology
Company Name :
Area of Research
Area of Expertise
Neuroimmunology/ dendritic cell biology/ innate immunity/TLR signaling/autoimmunity/microbiota
Brief Description of Research Interest :

During my PhD I worked on innate immune cells, especially dendritic cells, both form mouse and human origins. I studied both in vitro and in vivo the crosstalk between integrated stress response and Toll-like receptors signaling. During my postdoc I became interested in neuroimmunology. I am especially interested in studying the cooperation with the different cell types in the brain and how this affect both the immunity of the central nervous system and the neuronal function. I recently moved to a new postdoc, where I'm studying the link between microbiota and autoimmunity.

Representative Publications :

Perego J, et al., Guanabenz inhibits TLR9 signaling through a pathway that is independent of eIF2α dephosphorylation by the GADD34/PP1c complex. Sci Signal. 2018 Jan 23;11(514).
Perego J, et al., Guanabenz Prevents d-Galactosamine/Lipopolysaccharide-Induced LiverDamage and Mortality. Front Immunol. 2017 Jun 13;8:679. 
Dalet A, Argüello RJ, Combes A, Spinelli L, Jaeger S, Fallet M, Vu Manh TP,Mendes A, Perego J, Reverendo M, Camosseto V, Dalod M, Weil T, Santos MA, GattiE, Pierre P. Protein synthesis inhibition and GADD34 control IFN-β heterogeneous expression in response to dsRNA. EMBO J. 2017 Mar 15;36(6):761-782.