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Center for AIDS Health Disparities Research
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My scientific research interests have largely revolved around virus-host interactions. My pre-doctoral research training involved molecular characterization of a DNA virus causing the most devastating viral disease in bananas. In my doctoral research work at Purdue University, I identified and characterized novel virus-host protein interactions that modulate the replication of an RNA virus reported to infect over 600 plant species. During my NIH postdoctoral fellowship at the National Cancer Institute, I researched novel components of the host cellular machinery involved in late stages of HIV-1 replication. In my current position as a postdoctoral research associate at Meharry Medical College, my research interests include key early events leading to HIV-1 integration into host chromosome, role of microRNAs in regulating cellular cofactors of HIV-1, and the impact of drugs of abuse on HIV-1 replication and pathogenesis.

Editor, Vaccines (Topic Board)

GuestEditor, Special Issue "New Insights into HIV-Host interactions", Vaccines

SoLS Interview: Dr. Roger Chalkley (Vanderbilt University): http://societyoflifesciences.org/article-member.aspx?id=2

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Representative Publications:

Balasubramaniam, M., Pandhare, J., Dash, C. 2019. Immune control of HIV. JoLSJournal of Life Sciences 1(1), June 2019:4-36.

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Chaudhuri, E*., Dash, S*., Balasubramaniam, M*., Holland, OL., Villalta, F., Engelman, A., Pandhare, J., Dash, C. 2020. The HIV-1 capsid binding host factor CPSF6 is post transcriptionally regulated by the cellular microRNA miR-125b. Journal of Biological Chemistry 295(15):5081-5094

*These authors have contributed equally

Balasubramaniam, M., Zhou, J., Addai, A., Martinez, P., Pandhare, J., Aiken, C., Dash, C. 2019. PF74 inhibits HIV-1 integration by altering the composition of the preintegration complex. Journal of Virology.10.1128/JVI.01741-18.

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