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Harvard Medical School & Boston Children’s Hospital
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United States
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Innate Immunity, Infectious Disease, Cancer Immunology, Mucosal Immunology
Brief Description of Research Interest:

My research interests include deciphering innate immune responses in infectious diseases (e.g. viral infections) as well as in inflammation-associated cancer. The long-term goal is to identify nodes of interventions that reverse disease progression while limiting immune-mediated tissue damage in the host. Currently, I am studying the functions of type III interferons during development of infections or during carcinogenesis in the mucosa (such as in the lungs, intestines).

Representative Publications:

Harb H*, Benamar M*, Lai PS*, ..., Ghosh S, …, Zanoni I, Ploegh H, Deniz G, De Palma R†, Chatila TA†. (2021) Notch4 signaling limits regulatory T-cell-mediated tissue repair and promotes severe lung inflammation in viral infections. Immunity; S1074-7613(21)00139-4

Clementi N*, Ghosh S*, De Santis M, Castellia M, Criscuolo E, Zanoni I, Clementi M, Mancini N. (2021) Viral respiratory pathogens and mechanisms of lung injury. Clinical Microbiology Reviews; 34(3):e00103-20   (* = equal contribution as first authors)

Broggi A*, Ghosh S*, Sposito B*, Spreafico R, Balzarini F, Lo Cascio A, Clementi N, De Santis M, Mancini N, Granucci F, Zanoni I. (2020) Type III interferons disrupt the lung epithelial barrier upon viral recognition. Science; 369(6504):706-712   (* = equal contribution as first authors)

Agarwal S, Vierbuchen T, Ghosh S, Chan J, Jiang Z, Kandasamy R, Ricci E, Fitzgerald KA. (2020) The long non-coding RNA LUCAT1 is a negative feedback regulator of the Interferon Response in humans. Nature Communications; 11(1), 1-11:6348

Ketelut-Carneiro N, Ghosh S, Levitz SM, Fitzgerald KA, Silva JS. (2018) A Dectin-1-caspase-8 pathway licenses canonical caspase-1 inflammasome activation and IL-1β release in response to a pathogenic fungus. Journal of Infectious Diseases; 217:329–39

Ghosh S, Wallerath C, Covarrubias S, Hornung V, Carpenter S, Fitzgerald KA. (2017) The PYHIN protein p205 regulates the inflammasome by controlling ASC expression. Journal of Immunology; 199:3249–3260

Ghosh S, Carpenter S, Fitzgerald KA. (2013) The PYHIN family member IFI205 regulates immune signaling via transcriptional regulation of the inflammasome adapter ASC. Journal of Immunology; 190:116.18 (Conference Proceedings)