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Title : Dr.
First Name : JERU M
Last Name : MANUEL
University/Institution : Pavillon de recherche appliquée sur le cancer(PRAC)
Email ID : jeru.manoj.manuel@usherbrooke.ca
City : Sherbrooke
Country : Canada
State : Quebec
Zipcode : J1H5N4
Company Name :
Area of Research
Neuroepigenetics, Precision medicine
Area of Expertise
Epigenetics, Genetics, Cancer biology, Neuroscience
Brief Description of Research Interest :
My research interests are to work towards deciphering the molecular genetic, epigenetic, RNA interference and transcriptional mechanisms within the DNA damage response pathway in complex cancers/ neurological disorders, and on understanding the changes that occur in these mechanisms on administering different modules of therapy. During doctoral research, I worked on malignant human glioma and explored the role of epigenetic changes and gene expression. Also worked on estimating the molecular changes when chemo-radiotherapy was administered on invivo primary glioma cells and malignant glial cell lines. In my previous role I worked on deciphering epigenetic modifications on administration of radio-immunotherapy for squamous carcinoma in invitro and invivo model. In my current role, I am working role of RNA splicing and epigenetic modifications in neurogenesis and will be developing RNA therapy for neurological disorders.
Representative Publications :

·  Manuel Jeru Manoj, KVL Narasinga Rao, GK Chetan. Implications of MGMT promoter methylation and its downstream hMSH2 mRNA in primary malignant glioma. medRixv 2019 doi :https://doi.org/10.1101/19008763.


·  Manuel Jeru Manoj, Ghosh Debarati, et al. (2016). Role of concurrent methylation pattern of MGMT, TP53 and CDKN2A genes in prognosis of high-grade glioma. Journal of Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis. 7(1).


·  MK Sibin, I Bhat Dhananjaya, KVL Narasinga Rao, SM Harshitha, Manuel Jeru Manoj, GK Chetan. (2016). Two gene polymorphisms (rs4977756 and rs11515) in CDKN2A/B and glioma risk in South Indian population. Meta Gene. 9: 215-218.


·  Ch Lavanya, MK Sibin, MM Srinivas Bharath, Manuel Jeru Manoj, et al. (2016). RNA interference mediated downregulation of human telomerase reverse transcriptase(hTERT) in LN18 cells. Cytotechnology. 68(6): 2311-2321.


·  HN Venkatesh#, Manuel Jeru Manoj#, Ghosh Debarati, GK Chetan. (2015). Environmental Pollutants leading to carcinogenesis: process of natural selection of human cells due to chronic inflammation and sustained stress environment. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. 12(7): 2415-2426. #Equal contribution


·  MK Sibin, Bhat Dhananjaya I, Ch Lavanya, Manuel Jeru M, et al. (2014). CDKN2A exon-wise deletion status and novel somatic mutations in Indian glioma patients. Tumor Biology. 35(2): 1467-1472.


·  Jeru Manoj M, Chetan G K, Narasinga Rao K. V. L.,Venkatesh H N, Sibin M K and Lavanya Ch. The role of Direct DNA Repair gene O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) in High Grade Malignant Glioma. Molecular Cytogenetics 2014, 7(Suppl 1): P8.


·  Chetan G. K., Sibin M. K, Lavanya Ch., Jeru Manoj M., Dhananjaya I. Bhat. Exon wise deletion status of tumor suppressor P16 gene in high grade glioma in the Indian population. European journal of Human Genetics 2013, 21 (Suppl 2): P11.142.