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  Dr. JAY HOU  
Address 1 :
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Title : Dr.
First Name : JAY
Last Name : HOU
University/Institution : University of Minnesota
Email ID : chiehhou@gmail.com
City : Minneapolis
Country : United States
State : Minnesota
Zipcode : 55455
Department : Biomedical Engineering
Company Name :
Area of Research
biophysics and biomechanics of cancer cell migration in tissue
Area of Expertise
stochastic modeling, finite element modeling, cell migration microscopy, tissue mechanical testing
Brief Description of Research Interest :
I am interested in biophysical mechanisms of cancer cell migration affected by intracellular protein levels, biomechanics of 3D hydrogels and tissues based on their biochemical components, and interactions between cell migration mechanisms and 3D tissue mechanics. 
Representative Publications :
J. C. Hou, G. A. Shamsan, S. M. Anderson, M. M. McMahon, L. P. Tyler, B. T. Castle, R. K. Heussner, P. P. Provenzano, D. F. Keefe, V. H. Barocas, and D. J. Odde. Modeling distributed forces within cell adhesions of varying size on continuous substrates,    Cytoskeleton, 76(11-12), 2019
J. C. Hou, S. A. Maas, J. A. Weiss, and G. A. Ateshian. Finite Element Formulation of Multiphasic Shell Elements for Cell Mechanics Analyses in FEBio. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 140(12):121009, 2018 
C. Hou and G. A. Ateshian, A Gauss-Kronrod-Trapezoidal Integration Scheme for Modeling Biological Tissues with Continuous Fiber Distributions, Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering,19(8), 883-893, 2015
B. Mohanraj, C. Hou, G. R. Meloni, B. D. Cosgrove, G. R. Dodge, and R. L. Mauck, A High Throughput Mechanical Screening Device for Cartilage Tissue Engineering, Journal of Biomechanics, 47(9, SI): 2130-2136, 2014
L. Bian, C. Hou, E. Tous, R. Rai, R. L. Mauck, and J. A. Burdick, The Influence of Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Crosslinking Density and Macromolecular Diffusivity on Human MSC Chondrogenesis and Hypertrophy, Biomaterials, 34(2): 413-421, 2013