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  Dr. BIN XU  
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Title : Dr.
First Name : BIN
Last Name : XU
University/Institution : Rubius Therapeutics
Email ID : zjhzxb@gmail.com
Country : United States
State : Massachusetts
Zipcode : 02141
Company Name :
Brief Description of Research Interest :
My Ph.D. research spanned  across biomaterial engineering, tissue engineering, (stem) cell engineering. I have long-term interest in engineering multiple cell systems particularly cell products derived from human stem cells. My ultimate goal is to use biomaterials and artificial organs to model disease, drug screening, study pathology, and provide therapeutic opportunity for regeneration medicine.

Representative Publications :
1. Bin Xu, Mengen Zhang, Rita Perlingeiro, Wei Shen. Skeletal muscle constructs engineered from hESC-derived myogenic progenitors exhibit enhanced contractile forces when differentiated in a medium containing EGM-2 supplements. Advanced Biosystems. 2019. 3(12): 1900005.
2. Allison Siehr, Bin Xu, Ronald Siegel, Wei Shen. Orientational Discrimination of Biomolecular Recognition Regulates Nanoparticle Self-Assembly. Soft Matt. 2019.15(36):7122-6
3.Mengen Zhang, Bin Xu, Allison Siehr, Wei Shen. Efficient release of immunocaptured cells using coiled-coils in a microfluidic device. RSC Advances. 2019. 9 (50): 29182-29189
4. Selvaraj, Sridhar, Ricardo Mondragon-Gonzalez, Bin Xu, Alessandro Magli, Hyunkee Kim, Jeanne Lainé, James Kiley et al. Screening identifies small molecules that enhance the maturation of human pluripotent stem cell-derived myotubes. eLife. 2019. 8
5. Bin Xu, Alessandro Mali, Yoska Anugrah, Steven J. Koester, Rita Perlingeiro, Wei Shen. Nanotopography-Responsive Myotube Alignment and Orientation as a Sensitive Phenotypic Biomarker for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Biomaterials. 2018. 183: 54.