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Title : Dr.
First Name : KISHU
Last Name : RANJAN
University/Institution : Yale University
Phone # : 9599297167
Email ID : kishu.ranjan@yale.edu
City : New Haven
Country : United States
State : Connecticut
Zipcode : 06519
Department : Internal Medicine
Company Name :
Area of Research
Immunology, Cell Biology
Area of Expertise
Inflammation, Cancer, Apoptosis, Autophagy, Ubiquitination, Structural Biology.
Brief Description of Research Interest :

My long-term research interests involve the in-depth understanding of the pathogenesis of inflammatory disease. As a graduate student my research work was focused on understanding the signal transduction pathways in cancer cells. I worked on the ubiquitination signaling of cell death regulatory proteins during inflammatory stress. In my postdoctoral studies, I am utilizing human immunology systems and genotype-dependent immune assessments to study polymorphism effects on immune signaling. In addition to biochemical and genetic methods I am also employing in vivo model system to carry out my investigation.

Representative Publications :

RanjanK, Surolia A and Pathak C.Apoptotic potential of Fas-associated death domain on regulation of cell deathregulatory protein cFLIP and death receptor mediated apoptosis in HEK 293Tcells. J Cell Commun Signal. 2012, 6, 168.

RanjanK, Sharma A, Surolia A and PathakC. Regulation of HA14-1 mediated oxidative stress, toxic response, andautophagy by curcumin to enhance apoptotic activity in human embryonic kidneycells. Biofactors. 2014, 40, 69.

RanjanK and Pathak C. Expression ofcFLIPL determines the basal interaction of Bcl-2 with Beclin-1and regulates p53 dependent ubiquitination of Beclin-1 during autophagicstress. J Cell Biochem. 2015; 117:1757.

RanjanK and Pathak C. FADDregulates NF-кB activation and promotes ubiquitination of cFLIPL toinduce apoptosis. Scientific Reports. 2016; 6:22787.

RanjanK and Pathak C. Expression ofFADD and cFLIPL balances mitochondrial integrity and redoxsignaling to substantiate apoptotic cell death. Mol Cell Biochem, 2016;22:135.

Kumar M, RanjanK, Singh V, Pappachan A, Pathak C and Singh DD. Hydrophilic AcylatedSurface Protein A (HASPA) of Leishmania donovani: Expression,Purification and Biophysico-Chemical Characterization. Protein J.2017; 36:343.