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Name of PDA : McGill
University / Institution : University of Montreal
Address 1 : Montreal
City : Montreal
Country : Canada
State : Montreal
Zip/Pin Code : 000000
Email : samantha.gruenheid@mcgill.ca
Title : Postdoc Fellow

The Trudeau (University of Montreal) and Gruenheid (McGill) labs in Montreal presently have ajob opening for a postdoctoral fellow to work on a project linking bacterial infection to immunityand Parkinson's disease, taking advantage of mouse models. The ideal applicant will haveexpertise in neuroscience, including in one or more of the following techniques: primary neuronalcultures, neuroanatomy, behavioral analyses, electrophysiology and fluorescence imagingtechniques. Interested applicants should send a CV and statement explaining their previoustraining and motivation for this job to Dr. Louis-Eric Trudeau (louis-eric.trudeau@umontreal) andput Dr. Samantha Gruenheid in copy (samantha.gruenheid@mcgill.ca) and. The position is for 3to 5 years and the salary will be determined based on previous expertise.

Interested applicants can find out more about the two labs by consulting the following web sites:www.trudeaulab.org and https://www.mcgill.ca/mrcct/members/primary-members/samanthagruenheid