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Title : Dr.
First Name : SUSHMA
Last Name : ALPHONSA
University/Institution : University of Nevada, Reno
Phone # : 7816020963
Email ID : salphonsa@unr.edu
City : Reno
Country : United States
State : Nevada
Zipcode : 89506
Department : Community Health Sciences
Company Name :
Area of Research
University of Nevada Reno
Area of Expertise
Kinesiology, Neurorehabilitation, Aging, Gait and Posture
Brief Description of Research Interest :

My overarching research goals have been to answer questions related to falls prevention in elderly. Specifically, the contribution of cognitive load and its influence on postural control and gait. As a part of my postdoc fellowship, I am also exploring these avenues in individuals with concussions and repetitive head impacts. Additionally, I am exploring rehabilitative approaches in specific muscular dystrophy (FSHD) populations with these designs. Beyond these main research interests, I am fascinated by new signal processing and statistical analyses techniques that can help me evaluate the complex human neural, postural and gait data.

Representative Publications :

Alphonsa, S., Dai, B., Benham-Deal, T.,& Zhu, Q. (2016). Combined visual illusion effects on the perceivedindex of difficulty and movement outcomes in discrete and continuous fitts’tapping. Psychological research, 80(1), 55-68.

Alphonsa, S., Dai, B., Benham-Deal,T., & Zhu, Q. (2016). Interaction of Perception and Action in Discrete and   Continuous Rapid Aiming Tasks. Journal of Motor Behavior, 1-9. 

Bressel, E., Louder, T., Raikes, A., Alphonsa, S., & Kyvelidou, A. (2018). Water Immersion Affects Episodic Memory and Postural Control in Healthy Older Adults. Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy.