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Title : Dr.
First Name : JUSTIN
Last Name : FENDOS
University/Institution : Dongseo University
Email ID : jfendos@aya.yale.edu
City : Busan
Country : South Korea
State : Sasang
Zipcode : 47017
Department : Global Biotechnology
Company Name :
Area of Research
Higher education assessment and development
Area of Expertise
STEM education, active learning, scientific teaching
Brief Description of Research Interest :

I am currently in charge of education programs at Dongseo University in South Korea. I specialize in both efficacy assessment and program development. I am in charge of both STEM lecture and lab courses as well as the development of language and liberal arts courses using scientific teaching and active learning systems. In 2013, I was named a teaching fellow at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).

Representative Publications :

FendosJE, Barrera F, Engelman DM. (2013) Aspartate Embedding Depth Affects pHLIP’sInsertion pKa. Biochemistry.

Fendos JE and Barrera F (co-firstauthors), Engelman DM. (2012) Membranephysical properties influence transmembrane helix formation. PNAS.

Fendos JE, Engelman DM. (2012) pHLIP and acidity as a universal biomarkerfor cancer. Yale Journal ofBiology and Medicine. (was chosen for the cover of this issue)

Demmel L, Melak M, Fendos JE, Kotisch H, Reipert S, WarrenG. (2011) Differential selection of Golgiproteins by COPII Sec24 isoforms in procyclic T.brucei. Traffic.

Fendos J. (2009) Genetics and Genomics as anAnthropological Subject: Approaching with Caution. Yale Journalof Biology and Medicine.

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