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     JoLSJournal of Life Sciences, is a Postdoc community initiative, and the first ever journal to be run and managed 

exclusively by Postdocs. JoLS is an online bi-monthly Open Access peer-reviewed international journal, that facilitates the 

understanding of Life Sciences by showcasing innovative advances in the expanding field of Life Science disciplines and 

sub-specialties, drawing from studies in all organisms and model systems.

    JoLS will publish original and significant articles (original research, reviews, perspectives, commentaries, progress articles,

methodologies, research highlights) that report advances on all aspects of life science. All submissions go through rigorous 

peer-review to assess if the content is scientifically, technically and ethically sound before acceptance. 

The general time-frame from submission to acceptance for well written articles is 6-8 weeks. All manuscripts need to be 

submitted through our online system and should be accompanied by a cover letter and contacts of 3-5 referees, experts in 

your field of research. Please check Author Guidelines for additional details.

    JoLS is a postdoc community initiative and provides exclusive opportunities for postdocs in reviewing, editing, 

managing, advising, and writing manuscripts. If you are a Postdoc in life sciences and would want to be a part of this 

ongoing project, please register with JoLS or send us an email at Info@JournalofLifeSciences.Org

In addition, we are constantly seeking accomplished Postdocs to join our team of Contributing Editors,Editors, 

Directors of various committees, Editorial Coordinators, JoLS-Postdoc Association (PDA) liaisons and the like. 

Our support staff will get back to you within 48 hours with eligibility criteria. 

You may also reach out directly to our Editors-in-Chief at EIC@JournalofLifeSciences.Org


    To recognize the efforts of Principal Investigators/mentors in training postdocs to be the next generation leaders in Life 

Science, we have an exclusive segment under Mentor-Postdoc Spotlights (MPS), where we feature a Mentor-Postdoc 

duo on an ongoing basis. For more information on the MPS segment and its eligibility and requirements, please contact us

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